Michael and the team work with a determined young boy, whose abusive step-father is the public face for his brother’s covert smuggling operation and is trying to take his kids away from their mother. Despite their efforts to run him out of town by convincing him someone is trying to kill him, he won’t leave and their attempt to force his hand by staging their own deaths fails when his brother steps in to solve the problem, so they make it look like the man is crazy to get him out of the way of his family. Meanwhile, with Strickler dogging him and promising to help with the burn notice in exchange for his services, Michael turns to Garza to see if Strickler has the connections, and, when Garza’s reaction essentially confirms it, Michael decides to make the deal.

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Burn Notice Season 3

# Title Air Date
Burn Notice
3:1 Friends and Family Jun 4, 2009
3:2 Question & Answer Jun 11, 2009
3:3 End Run Jun 18, 2009
3:4 Fearless Leader Jun 25, 2009
3:5 Signals and Codes Jul 9, 2009
3:6 The Hunter Jul 16, 2009
3:7 Shot in the Dark Jul 23, 2009
3:8 Friends Like These Jul 30, 2009
3:9 Long Way Back Aug 6, 2009
3:10 A Dark Road Jan 28, 2010
3:11 Friendly Fire Jan 28, 2010
3:12 Noble Causes Feb 4, 2010
3:13 Enemies Closer Feb 11, 2010
3:14 Partners in Crime Feb 18, 2010
3:15 Good Intentions Feb 25, 2010
3:16 Devil You Know Mar 4, 2010

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