An “agent to the spies” named Strickler approaches Michael in an attempt to entice him into becoming his newest acquisition, and, while Michael refuses to be a mercenary, Strickler alerts him to a potential threat from someone he wronged during his time in the Ukraine. Instead, Michael turns to a local big-time cargo thief with Ukrainian connections, but, while he and his contact are taken captive by the Ukrainians and forced to outrun them, Sam and Fi decide to call on Strickler to help out. While they track down a lead through him about the Ukrainians’ location in the Everglades, allowing them to save the guys, Michael and the hijacker lead their men on a chase through the swamp until they can finally gain the upper hand on the man who was after him, all the while coming to an understanding as friends. As for Strickler, he continues to press a resolute Michael, reminding him that, with the burn still in effect, he doesn’t have a lot of options for using his skills.

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