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Justified: Trust / Season: 6 / Episode: 10 (00060010) (2015)

Justified: Trust / Season: 6 / Episode: 10 (00060010) (2015) (Television Episode)
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Trust (Television Episode)

Season: 6
Episode: 10
Production Code: 00060010

March 24, 2015
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Raylan and Tim push Avery's paranoia, suggesting that Katherine is working with Boyd to steal his money and predicting that she will inquire about how he's moving it. Avery tells her that he's moving the money to Charlotte, she tells Wynn who tells Boyd and informs Boyd's attack plan to Raylan. Raylan sets up a decoy truck to be attacked, and though Boyd knows it's too easy and must be a trap he sends Carl and Earl to hit it (they are arrested with no shots fired). Ava informs to Raylan that Boyd is pursuing the money by other means, which prove to be the kidnapping for ransom of Katherine. Though Avery knows Katherine has betrayed him, he brings the cash in two large duffel bags with no tricks. As Boyd leaves with the money he informs Avery that robbing him was Katherine's idea from the beginning. Raylan tells Ava that Vasquez is pulling the plug, looking for a way to bust Boyd that doesn't require her cooperation so he won't be obliged to honor their deal. She offers to give up Boyd with the money when he calls for her to meet with $100k identity documents he bought from Limehouse, and Dewey's necklace she found in the bar. Desperate, she suggests getting Boyd to confess to Dewey's murder so Raylan will let them meet, but instead shoots Boyd with his own gun and escapes with the money and identity papers. Boon kills Loretta's great-aunt, her only living relative, when the tough old bird proves uncooperative. Later, Boon intimidates a hipster and an engineering student in a greasy spoon. Mikey has been dismayed over Wynn's snitching to the Marshals and asks if Wynn also snitched-out Grady Hale. Getting an implied yes, Mikey physically subdues Wynn, handcuffs him to the fixed table in the RV, and puts in a call to Katherine.