Christine objects when Richard and "new" Christine want to take Richie to a Rolling Stones concert. Fearing that Ritchie is too young to be exposed to sex, drugs and rock and roll vices on display at a Rolling Stones concert, Christine initially forbids it. Eventually, she relents but immediately regrets her decision and, in a panic, goes to the venue with Matthew to see if she can sneak into the concert in order to keep tabs on Richie.

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The New Adventures of Old Christine Season 1

# Title Air Date
The New Adventures of Old Christine
1:1 Pilot Mar 13, 2006
1:2 Supertramp Mar 13, 2006
1:3 Open Water Mar 20, 2006
1:4 One Toe Over the Line, Sweet Jesus Mar 27, 2006
1:5 I'll Show You Mine Apr 3, 2006
1:6 The Other F Word Apr 10, 2006
1:7 A Long Day's Journey Into Stan Apr 17, 2006
1:8 Teach Your Children Well Apr 24, 2006
1:9 Richie Has Two Mommies May 1, 2006
1:10 No Fault Divorce May 8, 2006
1:11 Exile on Lame Street May 15, 2006
1:12 Some of my Best Friends Are Portuguese May 20, 2006
1:13 A Fair to Remember May 20, 2006

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