In a flashback to Cicero, Illinois, Jimmy says goodbye to his friend and con artist partner Marco, telling him that he is moving to Albuquerque. In the present, Jimmy meets with Howard Hamlin to receive his $20,000 "of counsel" fee, and to discuss arrangements for delivering groceries and supplies to Chuck. After having a breakdown while calling Bingo at the retirement home, Jimmy then returns to Cicero where he catches up with Marco at their usual bar. They run a rare coin scam on an out-of-town businessman with a Kennedy half dollar. Over the next week, they run several successful scams. One morning, Jimmy explains to Marco that he is now an elder law attorney and must return to Albuquerque. Marco insists on one last fake Rolex scam for kicks but succumbs to a heart attack during the con. A grieving Jimmy, now wearing Marco's pinky ring, receives a phone call from Kim. A large Santa Fe firm, Davis & Mane, is assisting with the class action suit and considering Jimmy for partner. Jimmy returns to Albuquerque, but backs out of the Davis & Mane meeting. He asks Mike why they gave back the embezzled $1.6 million, then proclaims that whatever stopped him from taking it "is never stopping [him] again." Jimmy drives away, smiling and humming "Smoke on the Water", the same song Marco hummed whenever they pulled off the Rolex scam.

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