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Chuck and Jimmy are enjoying time outside on a park bench. It seems Chuck is able to spend more time outside than he originally thought, but after a while insists they go inside. Meanwhile, Mike brings Stacey and Kaylee a dog (seen last episode), and receives a call about a job. Jimmy goes to court to argue against a restraining order from Sandpiper Crossing, and ultimately wins. Returning to Chuck's house, Jimmy finds boxes of paperwork and Chuck convinces Jimmy to bring the case to HHM. Later that night, Chuck sneaks outside to place a phone call. The next day, Mike, a loudmouth mercenary named Sobchak (Steven Ogg), and a very large man wait for the job. The client arrives and Mike manages to subdue Sobchak and scare off the other man, accepting the job on his own. Meanwhile, Chuck and Jimmy prepare to visit HHM, lining Chuck's space blanket in his suit. The McGill brothers present their case to Howard, but Howard informs Jimmy that he wants the case, not him. Frustrated, Jimmy refuses the consultation fee and tells Howard to go to hell. After, Kim confronts Howard on his decision, but not after Howard reveals something to her. At the job, Mike and his client wait for Nacho and a new gang of thugs to show up and buy the pills the client is selling. After the deal is concluded, Mike explains to the client, who insists he is not a "bad man", that he is now a criminal, and that morality doesn't enter into it. Back at the nail salon, Kim meets up with Jimmy and urges him to take the deal, causing Jimmy to get angry at her. Jimmy enters his office and has a realization when he charges his phone. The next day, Jimmy goes to Chuck's house and confronts him about the phone call he placed to Howard before their meeting. Jimmy has realized it was Chuck who told Howard not to hire him, and has been blocking him from being hired at HHM ever since his days in the mailroom, and demands to know why. Chuck reveals his opinion of Jimmy as not being worthy to be called a real lawyer and that he has not changed since his "Slippin' Jimmy" days. Jimmy tells Chuck he's on his own and angrily drives off, with Chuck calling out to him as he goes.

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Better Call Saul Season 1

# Title Air Date
Better Call Saul
1:1 Uno Feb 8, 2015
1:2 Mijo Feb 9, 2015
1:3 Nacho Feb 16, 2015
1:4 Hero Feb 23, 2015
1:5 Alpine Shepherd Boy Mar 2, 2015
1:6 Five-O Mar 9, 2015
1:7 Bingo Mar 16, 2015
1:8 RICO Mar 23, 2015
1:9 Pimento Mar 30, 2015
1:10 Marco Apr 6, 2015

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