Mike and Jimmy are called down to the station, and the younger detective accuses them of stealing his notebook. Jimmy returns the notebook and assures him they found it in the parking lot outside. Mike and Jimmy are then allowed to go and Mike tells Jimmy to go home. The next day, Jimmy takes Kim to his new office and offers Kim a partnership but she refuses. Back at HHM, Kim presents to the Kettlemans their best deal which would send Craig to jail for 16 months instead of 30 years. After hearing the deal, Betsy fires Kim and leaves HHM with Craig. Meanwhile Jimmy is hosting a bingo game with the elderly and is contacted by the Kettlemans. They all meet at Loyola's again, and the Kettlemans demand that he represent him and they want no jail time. Jimmy turns them down and strongly encourages them to go back to Kim. They inform him that in order for them to take the deal, they would need all the money, including the bribe Jimmy took. Later that night, Jimmy hires Mike to steal the Kettleman's million dollars from their home, and returns all the money that he took from the bribe. The next day, Jimmy visits the Kettlemans and tells them he took their money, and forces them to take Kim's deal. Jimmy returns the Kettlemans to HHM, and visits the office he had to give up in order for the deal to go through. Jimmy angrily kicks an office door shut and sobs on the floor, only to pull himself together to answer a phone call.

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