In a flashback, Mike arrives to Albuquerque on a train and is met by his daughter-in-law, Stacey. Their conversation reveals that Mike's son, Matty, who was also a cop, was recently murdered. Mike finds a crooked veterinarian to treat his bullet wound; the veterinarian offers Mike a job, but he declines. In 2002, Mike is taken to the police station and demands Jimmy as his lawyer. He asks Jimmy to spill coffee on one of the detectives so that Mike can steal his notebook; Jimmy refuses at first, but ends up doing it. Reading through the notebook, Mike realizes that Stacey had called the detectives. He confronts her and reveals that Matty was the only "clean" cop in the precinct. In another flashback, Mike breaks into a police cruiser parked outside a bar before entering, then after drinking heavily, he tells two detectives, Hoffman and Fenski, he knows it was them. Stumbling, Mike announces his move to Albuquerque and leaves the bar. The two detectives pick him up in their cruiser, where Mike explains that they killed Matty because they were scared of what he might do. They plan to murder him in an empty parking lot using his own gun, but Mike, having feigned his drunken state and hidden a second gun in the back seat, kills them both. In 2002, Mike tearfully explains to Stacey that he was the one who "broke" Matty by convincing him to take the bribe, but his partners still saw the hesitation in his eyes and killed him anyway.

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