In a flashback, Jimmy and his friend con a bar patron using a fake Rolex watch. In 2002, Jimmy offers his legal services to the Kettlemans; they reject his offer and counter with a $30,000 bribe. Jimmy successfully frees Nacho, but Nacho deduces that Jimmy warned the Kettlemans and warns him about "consequences". Jimmy uses the bribe money to purchase clothing and a billboard that exactly imitates Hamlin and HHM's logo. Hamlin obtains a cease and desist order and forces Jimmy to take the billboard down. Jimmy uses this as a way to try to make Hamlin look bad through college media, and in the meanwhile stages a rescue of a billboard worker who has fallen off. The next day, Jimmy's actions make it on the news, much to Hamlin's disgust. Jimmy then makes his daily drop off at Chuck's, but keeps the local paper out of his supplies. With great distress, Chuck runs outside to take the neighbor's newspaper and reads about Jimmy's act.

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