Tuco drags Jimmy at gunpoint into the house where the skateboarding twins are being held. Jimmy explains that the twins were part of his scam operation, but they picked the wrong car. Tuco leads Jimmy to the garage, where the twins are tied up. After Jimmy frees them, Lars reveals that this was all Jimmy's idea, which infuriates Tuco. Later, Jimmy is tied up and on his knees in the desert. Tuco demands to know who Jimmy is and why he is coming after Tuco. Out of options, Jimmy lies about being an FBI agent. Nacho doesn't believe this and Jimmy confirms that he is actually a lawyer. Jimmy is released. He talks Tuco out of killing the twins, suggesting he break their legs instead. Jimmy drives the twins to an emergency room, with the twins calling him "the worst lawyer in the world." At the nail salon in his office, Nacho visits Jimmy and reveals his scheme to steal the million dollars the Kettlemans embezzled and offers Jimmy a 10% finder's fee. Jimmy declines to participate, telling Nacho that he is a lawyer, not a criminal. Surprised, Nacho leaves his number with Jimmy, encouraging him to call when Jimmy decides he's "in the game."

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Inflatable part of Better Call Saul Season 2

Better Call Saul:
Season: 2 / Episode: 7


This Television Episode refers to Mijo part of Better Call Saul Season 1
Jimmy talks to Mike about what Tuco did to him and his skateboarding partners in Season 1

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