The freaks hold a feast to welcome Chester as the new owner of the freak show, but after Elsa asks him to leave her and the troupe alone, she reveals their true intentions. Maggie reveals to Stanley that she told them everything he had done, outing him as a con artist and a murderer. They also reveal the head of the Museum of Morbid Curiosities curator, Lillian Hemmings, whom Desiree murdered in vengeance. Stanley pleads with them to let him live and claims Elsa isn't to be trusted, that she was the one who murdered Ethel. The freaks ignore him, proceeding to chase Stanley around the camp with weapons, presumably murdering him under a wagon. Dandy visits the twins and warns them of Chester's dark past, but they demand that he leaves after claiming they don't trust him. Elsa introduces Jimmy to an old friend of hers, Massimo Dolcefino, who intends on making him a pair of prosthetics just as he did with Elsa. In a flashback, Massimo tells of how he went after and slaughtered the men who took Elsa's legs. All except the leader that is, Dr. Hans Grüper, who shot Massimo and tortured him until he was later released by a general. As Chester goes over the new routines, the twins admit they no longer want to be his assistants after he requests to saw them in two as part of the performance. Maggie volunteers to do the trick and Chester places her into the box. Seeing the faces of his deceased wife and her lover, Chester saws Maggie in half without realizing what is happening and to the dismay of the freaks, her organs spill out from both halves. Chester "murders" Marjorie in a rage, blaming her for making him commit all those atrocities. Dot and Bette warn Elsa that she needs to leave immediately, as her freaks intend on killing her to avenge Ethel's murder. Desiree declares justice for Ethel, but as she and the others rampage into Elsa's tent they find she's already gone. A bloody and distraught Chester walks into a police station and admits to a murder, revealing Marjorie to the confused officers. Elsa meets Dandy before she leaves town and receives $10,000 in exchange for the freak show. Reveling on his new stage, Dandy discovers an extremely mutilated Stanley, who now resembles and is dressed as Meep. His arms and legs are amputated stumps, his torso has somehow been shortened, and his tongue has been removed, in a homage to the fate of Cleopatra at the end of Tod Browning's Freaks, which Elsa referenced at the feast. Massimo delivers Jimmy his prosthetics, revealing wooden replicas of Jimmy's lobster claws. Jimmy calls them perfect, finally accepting himself and his deformity.

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Show Stopper

Show Stopper
performed by Peaches