After killing and disfiguring his mother, Dandy visits Esmerelda at the freak show to receive a reading. Maggie assures Dandy that all will be well, there may be some trouble in his future but he will prevail. More confident than ever, Dandy leaves to continue his grisly work, but is stopped by an extremely drunk Jimmy. Jimmy accuses Dandy of having something to do with the twins' disappearance and threatens Dandy, knowing he had a part in the clown murders. Dandy calls Jimmy pathetic as he falls to the ground, promising vengeance on Jimmy for taking Bette and Dot away from him. Elsa and Stanley track down the twins and bring them to the farmhouse. Stanley declares that the townspeople have gone on a rampage and that they'll be safe there, until the doctor comes to perform their surgery. The sisters realize that having separate lives isn't worth losing one of their own and vow to not get the surgery. With the truth of his sexuality and guilt over Ma Petite's murder becoming too much for Dell, he attempts to hang himself, but is later saved by Desiree. After Jimmy is too drunk to perform at a Tupperware party for the housewives, he sees hallucinations of Ethel, who tells him to get over her death and move on. Once Jimmy leaves, Dandy shows up at the door claiming that his car broke down. He murders the group of women, gouging out their eyes and leaving them to float in the pool. Regina confronts Dandy and tells him she's contacted the police about her mother, but is shocked when Dandy openly admits his murderous streak. He lets Regina escape, but she soon returns with Detective Colquitt. Dandy declares his wealth and promises the detective a million dollars if he kills Regina; which Colquitt does without a blink, shooting Regina in the head. A drunken Jimmy goes back to his caravan, only to find Dot and Bette waiting for him. Dot declares her love for Jimmy and says they can live happily together, with Bette agreeing, but Jimmy declines their advances, claiming he's in love with someone else. As he exits the caravan, police cars show up to the freak show. Detective Colquitt arrests Jimmy for the murders of the Tupperware party women, and Jimmy is dragged away in a police car.

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American Horror Story Season 4 - Freak Show

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American Horror Story
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4:12 Show Stoppers Jan 14, 2015
4:13 Curtain Call Jan 21, 2015

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