Ma Petite's bloody dress is found in the woods, along with some bones of unknown origin, and the troupe assumes that she has been mauled and eaten by a wild animal. However, Ethel has other suspicions and accuses Elsa of killing Ma Petite for stealing her thunder. As the relationship between the two comes to a crashing halt, Ethel shoots Elsa in one of her legs, only for Ethel to be taken aback by the revelation that Elsa has fake legs. A flashback reveals that Elsa was carried from the aftermath of the snuff movie to a doctor (Danny Huston) who crafted the legs for her and reminded Elsa that she was beautiful no matter what. While Ethel prepares to shoot Elsa in the head for lying to her and betraying her, Elsa throws a knife into Ethel's head, killing her. With the help of Stanley, Elsa constructs a suicide for Ethel in which Ethel crashes her car into a tree with a chain around her neck, decapitating her. The troupe believes this story and they mourn Ethel while Jimmy falls into a pit of despair and casts Maggie away. In response, he falls into the arms of a new recruit of the troupe, a morbidly obese woman with the stage name Ima Wiggles. After Ethel's burial, and sick of being treated badly, Amazon Eve, Desiree, Penny, and Legless Suzi plan revenge on Penny's father by sneaking into his house, knocking him unconscious and bringing him to Dell's caravan. They tar and feather Penny's father and prepare to mutilate and kill him. Maggie hears his screams and begs them not go through with it. Penny lets her father go and banishes him from her life. Meanwhile, Dora's daughter Regina pays the Mott household a visit to investigate her mother's disappearance and refuses to leave without seeing her. Gloria, already under stress by talking to a therapist about anxiety over Dandy, lies to Regina. Dandy is tricked by Gloria into visiting the therapist, only to become enraged when he realizes what is going on and that his mother thinks he should be institutionalized. Upon returning to the house, Dandy shoots Gloria in the head and bathes in her blood.

Other Connections and Related Pop Culture

American Horror Story Season 4 - Freak Show

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American Horror Story
4:1 Monsters Among Us Oct 8, 2014
4:2 Massacres and Matinees Oct 15, 2014
4:3 Edward Mondrake (Part 1) Oct 22, 2014
4:4 Edward Mondrake (Part 2) Oct 29, 2014
4:5 Pink Cupcakes Nov 5, 2014
4:6 Bullseye Nov 12, 2014
4:7 Test of Strength Nov 19, 2014
4:8 Blood Bath Dec 3, 2014
4:9 Tupperrware Party Massacre Dec 10, 2014
4:10 Orphans Dec 17, 2014
4:11 Magical Thinking Jan 7, 2015
4:12 Show Stoppers Jan 14, 2015
4:13 Curtain Call Jan 21, 2015



Season:  3  / Episode:  21