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Mickey is required by Detective Muncie to work with them on a sting operation against the Minassians and their Russian supplier of trafficked girls, Ivan Belikov. Preparations for Bunchy's wedding are underway but at the rehearsal dinner Ray gives less a best man's speech, more a mumbled couple of sentences. Ray had Lena check out Teresa and family, who are pretty clean. Terry's Parkinson's (or meds) give him nightmares and when checking out the noise Abby and Ray find a shaken and embarrassed Terry has wet the bed. The NFL is checking the Finneys' deal and the absence of Varick leads them to have one of their investigators, disgraced former FBI director Ed Cochran, look into the deal. Cochran seems to relish the prospect of encountering Ray again. Mickey hides out in a motel. Muncie goes looking for him and arrests groom-to-be Bunchy when Mickey cannot be located. Ray agrees with Muncie to swap father for brother and tracks down Mickey then convinces him to return. Mickey meets with the Minassians and sees the pictures of the sex-slaves that Belikov is controlling; he is shaken by these. Bridget is out bowling with Donellen who admits his feelings for her. Bunchy and Teresa are married and the reception is a success with Ray delivering a fine and moving speech. Mickey asks Ray for help with his situation. Ray asks Lena to look into the Minassians.

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Ray Donovan Season 3

# Title Air Date
Ray Donovan
3:1 The Kalamazoo Jul 12, 2015
3:2 Ding Jul 19, 2015
3:3 Come and Knock on Our Door Jul 26, 2015
3:4 Breakfast of Champions Aug 2, 2015
3:5 Handshake Deal Aug 9, 2015
3:6 Swing Vote Aug 16, 2015
3:7 All Must Be Loved Aug 23, 2015
3:8 Tulip Aug 30, 2015
3:9 The Octopus Sep 6, 2015
3:10 One Night in Yerevan Sep 13, 2015
3:11 Poker Sep 20, 2015
3:12 Exsuscito Sep 27, 2015

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