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Ezra is visited in his hospital bed by sinister Father Thomas Romero. A confused Ezra protests his presence. Romero quizzes Ezra about the buried priest. Deborah ushers the priest away and Ezra demands that Ray is called and warned, Ray does not take these calls, soon afterward, Ezra dies. Ray rescues a client from a potential sex scandal with his usual style and heads to a bar where Abby calls him to tell him of Ezra's passing. Ray consoles himself with some rough sex with a stranger. Mickey, at his apartment complex, looks after the daughter of call girl Ginger who lives there. Mickey dislikes Ginger's pimp and after attempting to convince him to change his ways or location resorts to drugging him and tossing him into the pool to drown. Ray meets Andrew Finney in his enormous house. Ray is engaged to recover Finney's kidnapped son and is provided with ransom money. Ray later meets with the kidnappers and rescues the son, who had originally planned the kidnapping with a friend to get the cash, but the drug dealers they enlisted took over murdering his friend. Finney approves of the outcome and pays Ray. A smartened but broke Bunchy (Brendan) Donovan is trying to manage the Gym whilst Terry is in jail. Abby visits for a drink and helps out. Bridget rejects a ride home from school from her drunken mother and complains about this to Connor when at home. Abby stops to rescues a huge dog from the highway and takes it home with her. Romero convinces a police officer to give him a box of evidence relating to the deceased Father Danny.

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Ray Donovan Season 3

# Title Air Date
Ray Donovan
3:1 The Kalamazoo Jul 12, 2015
3:2 Ding Jul 19, 2015
3:3 Come and Knock on Our Door Jul 26, 2015
3:4 Breakfast of Champions Aug 2, 2015
3:5 Handshake Deal Aug 9, 2015
3:6 Swing Vote Aug 16, 2015
3:7 All Must Be Loved Aug 23, 2015
3:8 Tulip Aug 30, 2015
3:9 The Octopus Sep 6, 2015
3:10 One Night in Yerevan Sep 13, 2015
3:11 Poker Sep 20, 2015
3:12 Exsuscito Sep 27, 2015

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