Number 202: "Stole a wallet from a guy at the gas station." Earl gives back a wallet he stole, along with the $1000 that was in it. Earl finds out that the guy was going to use the money for his honeymoon, and now that he has the money, his wife wants to go on a real honeymoon. Since the guy can't get time off from work, Earl volunteers to fill in for him at a fast-food restaurant. The boss turns out to be a jerk who steals money from work, treats his employees with no respect, and cheats on his wife, but Earl can't understand why a guy like that has a good job, nice house, lots of friends, and a hot wife. Earl has had it with his new boss and when he embarrasses Earl with a balloon in front of children, Earl can't keep his cool by punching him in the face and that's when Karma starts to kick in, causing the boss to lose his wife and sending him to prison for the stolen money. Earl realizes what he has done, though Randy explains that "karma dosen't have fists" and the guy who returns from his honeymoon becomes the new manager and his workmates all get a raise.

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What Songs are featured in this Television Episode?

It plays...
Take This Job and Shove It performed by Johnny Paycheck

Take This Job and Shove It
performed by Johnny Paycheck

This Song is played in O Karma, Where Art Thou?
This song plays as Earl struggles to deal with his new boss.

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