In the episode that started it all, we see Jerry and George seated at "Pete's Luncheonette," debating the placement of a shirt button. The waitress, Claire, pours each of them a cup of coffee. George frets about whether Claire is giving him regular or decaf, saying he does not want caffeine in his coffee. Claire later, to annoy him, implies that she gave him regular. Jerry then tells George about a woman he met in Michigan, named Laura, who is coming to New York. Jerry wonders if she has romantic intentions. The two continue to talk about her after they leave the luncheonette and go to the laundry. 
The next evening, Jerry tells his neighbor, Kramer (or "Kessler", as he's known as at the time) that he thinks he misunderstood the situation with Laura. Jerry then receives a telephone call from Laura, who asks if she can stay overnight at his apartment. Jerry invites her, but is still unsure whether or not her visit is intended to be romantic. George and Jerry continue to debate the issue, with Jerry determined to find the true nature of her visit. 
At the airport, George and Jerry continue to try to identify the possible signals Laura might give upon her arrival, with George explaining the meaning of various greetings. However, when Laura arrives, her greeting is ambiguous. Jerry and Laura arrive at the apartment. Laura then removes some excess clothing to get comfortable, asks for wine, turns down the light and asks if she can stay over a second night. As Jerry begins to grow confident, the phone rings for Laura. When Laura gets off the phone she tells Jerry: "Never get engaged." Jerry then realizes that he has no chance with Laura, but has already committed himself—and his one-bedroom apartment—to an entire weekend with her.

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