Rebecca finds out she's been offered a partnership with the law firm where she works, but realizes that she isn't happy with her life. Just when she's wondering what to do, her ex-boyfriend from ten years ago, Josh, walks by. He tells her that he had a lot of fun the summer they were together, then says that he's moving back home to West Covina, California, because people seem more happy there. Rebecca moves to West Covina hoping to run into him again, but finds it more difficult than she expected. She meets Greg, a friend of Josh's, who invites her to a party and tells her that Josh has a girlfriend. Meanwhile, a middle-aged paralegal at her new workplace, Paula, finds out Rebecca's reason for moving out of New York, and confronts her about being obsessed. Paula tells Rebecca that she is in love, and calls her brave, not crazy. 
Songs: "West Covina", "The Sexy Getting Ready Song", and "West Covina (Reprise)" (sung by Rebecca and Paula)

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