Rebecca attempts to meet Josh at the skate park, but is dismayed when he doesn't come. To make herself feel better, she enlists the help of Heather to find a fling on Tinder, but changes her mind at the last second. The next day, Greg musters up his courage and asks Rebecca to "settle" for him. Josh starts looking for a job and, after seeing an opening at the tech store he likes, comes to Rebecca for help with his resume, while simultaneously convincing Rebecca to accept Josh's date invitation. Josh's interview doesn't go well, due to Rebecca's "help", making him look too uptight for the laid-back store, and ends up begrudgingly taking a job at his father's radiology clinic. Greg and Rebecca go out to the taco festival for their date, which goes well, until Rebecca ends up ditching him for the vegan guacamole vendor she met. Greg confronts her after and storms out. Rebecca sees that Josh is at the clinic, and storms in with Josh to the tech center and gets him the job. 
Songs: "Settle For Me" (sung by Greg) and "Sex With A Stranger"

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