Frank searches for answers from every religion he can think of, as to why his beloved was taken from him. Sean and Fiona are engaged in their philanderous relationship amidst changing tides at Pasty's. Mickey is now in prison, for Sammi's attempted murder, where he does Russian mafia hits for cash from Svetlana. Carl is released from jail, and his family is treated to his new street refined persona. Lip continues his complicated relationship with teacher, while finding new academic and career aim. Debbie lies about losing her baby to Fiona, only for it to come back and bite her after her boyfriend, Derek, takes off.

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Shameless Season 6

# Title Air Date
6:1 I Only Miss Her When I'm Breathing Jan 10, 2016
6:2 #AbortionRules Jan 17, 2016
6:3 The F Word Jan 24, 2016
6:4 Going Once, Going Twice Jan 31, 2016
6:5 Refugees Feb 7, 2016
6:6 NSFW Feb 14, 2016
6:7 Pimp's Paradise Feb 21, 2016
6:8 Be a Good Boy, Come For Grandma Mar 6, 2016
6:9 A Yurt of One's Own Mar 13, 2016
6:10 Paradise Lost Mar 20, 2016
6:11 Sleep No More Mar 27, 2016
6:12 Familia Supra Gallegorious Omnia! Apr 3, 2016

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