Life begins to spiral completely out of control for both Debbie and Fiona, as their perspective worlds are shaken to the core. Carl fully embraces the life of a criminal. Ian becomes a casualty of Fiona's upending. After having been pushed to the breaking point, Kev takes neighborly matters into his own inept hands, leading to a serious consequence. Frank takes advantage of his own pain, while continuing his search for closure, that leads to a terrible outcome. Meanwhile, the Alibi enjoys the newfound benefits of its hip patronage.

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Shameless Season 6

# Title Air Date
6:1 I Only Miss Her When I'm Breathing Jan 10, 2016
6:2 #AbortionRules Jan 17, 2016
6:3 The F Word Jan 24, 2016
6:4 Going Once, Going Twice Jan 31, 2016
6:5 Refugees Feb 7, 2016
6:6 NSFW Feb 14, 2016
6:7 Pimp's Paradise Feb 21, 2016
6:8 Be a Good Boy, Come For Grandma Mar 6, 2016
6:9 A Yurt of One's Own Mar 13, 2016
6:10 Paradise Lost Mar 20, 2016
6:11 Sleep No More Mar 27, 2016
6:12 Familia Supra Gallegorious Omnia! Apr 3, 2016

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