Patrick refuses to lend a helping hand to his extended family, sending the Gallagher home up for public auction. Fiona works to secure the needed funds, through slightly unscrupulous means. Kev's situation with his neighbor goes from bad to worse. The Alibi experiences financial woes, so V goes in search, with Svetlana, to find where their hipster patrons went. Ian makes a gay discovery at the local firehouse responsible for his rescue. Frank secures a future refuge and source of welfare for Debbie, her baby, and him, through quite unscrupulous means. Lip spends a perplexing weekend, away at a convention, with Helene. After mustering what they believe to be enough money, the Gallagher house is sold to the highest bidder; AKA not a Gallagher.

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Shameless Season 6

# Title Air Date
6:1 I Only Miss Her When I'm Breathing Jan 10, 2016
6:2 #AbortionRules Jan 17, 2016
6:3 The F Word Jan 24, 2016
6:4 Going Once, Going Twice Jan 31, 2016
6:5 Refugees Feb 7, 2016
6:6 NSFW Feb 14, 2016
6:7 Pimp's Paradise Feb 21, 2016
6:8 Be a Good Boy, Come For Grandma Mar 6, 2016
6:9 A Yurt of One's Own Mar 13, 2016
6:10 Paradise Lost Mar 20, 2016
6:11 Sleep No More Mar 27, 2016
6:12 Familia Supra Gallegorious Omnia! Apr 3, 2016

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