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Seinfeld: The Fire / Season: 5 / Episode: 20 (00050020) (1994)

Seinfeld: The Fire / Season: 5 / Episode: 20 (00050020) (1994) (Television Episode)
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The Fire (Television Episode)

Season: 5
Episode: 20
Production Code: 00050020

May 5, 1994
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George dates a woman who has a son. She invites him to her son's birthday party. While at the party, a fire breaks out in the kitchen. George screams "FIRE!!!" and knocks down the kids and the old lady as he cowardly tries to make his escape. The clown (not Bozo) puts out the fire with his big shoe. Meanwhile, over at Pendant Publishing, Elaine learns that she's up for a very nice promotion. But her main competition, Toby, is working with Kramer on his coffee table book. The three head over to the comedy club where Jerry is doing an important set where a writer from Entertainment Weekly will be present to do a review of the show for the magazine. Toby heckles Jerry. After Jerry gets the magazine and sees the mostly negative review of his show, he decides to do something unheard of - heckle the heckler. After he goes to Toby's office to heckle her, Toby gets so distraught that she leaves the building and a street sweeper severs her pinkie toe. Kramer gets the toe and hijacks a bus to take it to the hospital where it is reattached to Toby's foot. Mr. Lippman is shocked because of the incident and decides to promote Toby over Elaine for the senior editor's job. Toby's first order of business is to get Kramer's coffee table book in stores ASAP. Kramer loves this as he gets to do the book tour where his first stop is the Regis and Kathy Lee show. But after tripping over his chair and spilling coffee all over Kathy Lee, Lippman decides that it's best if Kramer not promote the book on any more daytime talk shows. The next day Jerry goes to the comedy club to plead with the Entertainment Weekly reviewer to get a second chance. He does and he runs into prop comic Ronnie K, who tells Jerry that what he did is unprecedented. Jerry agrees and says that it's finally time they drew a line in the sand. During the show, George stops by the comedy club and sees Ronnie K holding what is apparently Ronnie K holding a firearm. George thinks Ronnie K is going to rob the place, screams, and cowardly tries to make his escape by knocking everybody down. Jerry's set is interrupted and he's more than angry at George.