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When an employee drops dead, Veronica tries to use his example to inspire the other employees to work harder.

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What Songs are featured in this Television Episode?

It plays...
Never Gonna Give You Up performed by Rick Astley

Never Gonna Give You Up
performed by Rick Astley

This Song is played in Beating a Dead Workforce
This song is heard as elevator music.

More Episodes From...

Better Off Ted Season 1

# Title Air Date
Better Off Ted
1:1 Pilot Mar 18, 2009
1:2 Heroes Mar 25, 2009
1:3 Through Rose-colored HAZMAT Suits Apr 1, 2009
1:4 Racial Sensitivity Apr 8, 2009
1:5 Win Some, Dose Some Apr 15, 2009
1:6 Goodbye Mr. Chips Apr 22, 2009
1:7 Get Happy May 5, 2009
1:8 You Are the Boss of Me Jun 23, 2009
1:9 Bioshuffle Jun 30, 2009
1:10 Trust and Consequence Jul 14, 2009
1:11 Father, Can You Hair Me? Jul 21, 2009
1:12 Jabberwocky Aug 11, 2009
1:13 Secrets and Lives Aug 11, 2009
1:6 Beating a Dead Workforce Jan 5, 2010

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