Phil has a severe case of appendicitis, which the group learns will kill him if they cannot remove his appendix. They choose Gail to perform the operation, and she reluctantly agrees as long as she can practice on something. Finding no viable bodies in a local morgue, Tandy and Todd decide their only choice is to dig up the recently deceased Gordon. As they drag Gordon's body to Gail, they see she has found a medical dummy to practice on, so they quickly re-bury the body. In space, Mike Miller succeeds in reentering the space station since his suit is still tethered to it. Later, he tells his newborn worm friend "Phil", that he has decided he must attempt to return to Earth. Gail and Todd begin operating on Phil, but soon encounter complications, especially with Melissa confirming her suspicions that the two have been seeing each other. As Mike's landing capsule begins tumbling upon reentry into Earth's atmosphere, Phil flatlines.

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The Last Man on Earth Season 2

# Title Air Date
The Last Man on Earth
2:1 Is There Anybody Out There? Sep 27, 2015
2:2 The Boo Oct 4, 2015
2:3 Dead Man Walking Oct 11, 2015
2:4 C to the T Oct 18, 2015
2:5 Crickets Oct 25, 2015
2:6 A Real Live Wire Nov 8, 2015
2:7 Baby Steps Nov 15, 2015
2:8 No Bull Nov 22, 2015
2:9 Secret Santa Dec 6, 2015
2:10 Silent Night Dec 13, 2015
2:11 Pitch Black Mar 6, 2016
2:12 Valhalla Mar 13, 2016
2:13 Fish in the Dish Apr 3, 2016
2:14 Skidmark Apr 10, 2016
2:15 Fourth Finger Apr 17, 2016
2:16 Falling Slowly Apr 24, 2016
2:17 Smart and Stupid May 8, 2016
2:18 30 Years of Science Down the Tubes May 15, 2016

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