Claire Temple, after treating Luke for injuries, sees he is superhuman and helps Jessica move him to her apartment for treatment. Kilgrave's powers have reached a powerful new threshold and he is willing to use it to end Jessica however he can. Trish tells Jessica she may have found a clue to how she got her powers. As Jessica and Trish track down Kilgrave, he uses his greatly enhanced power to control a crowd and, unsure whether he can also exert his powers on Jessica, opts to make Trish his sex slave to punish Jessica. Jessica appears to accept this under Kilgrave's commands, but as he approaches her and asks her to say she loves him, she demonstrates she is still immune to his influence by grabbing him by the throat and lifting into the air. With a sarcastic repeat of his frequent order to "smile," she snaps his neck, freeing everyone, including Luke, from his spell. Jessica is arrested for the murder but Jeri, acting as her lawyer, secures her release. Word of Jessica's heroics begin to reach the population of the city, and she begins to get calls asking for her assistance.

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

It plays these songs...

performed by Sleigh Bells

This Song is played in AKA Smile part of Jessica Jones Season 1
When going to trick Killgrave, Trish listens to this song on her earphones so that she can't hear him talking

Pop Culture Connections - Incoming

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Other Connections and Related Pop Culture

Jessica Jones Season 1

# Title Air Date
Jessica Jones
1:1 AKA Ladies Night Nov 20, 2015
1:2 AKA Crush Syndrome Nov 20, 2015
1:3 AKA It's Called Whiskey Nov 20, 2015
1:4 AKA 99 Friends Nov 20, 2015
1:5 AKA The Sandwich Saved Me Nov 20, 2015
1:6 AKA You're a Winner! Nov 20, 2015
1:7 AKA Top Shelf Perverts Nov 20, 2015
1:8 AKA WWJD? Nov 20, 2015
1:9 AKA Sin Bin Nov 20, 2015
1:10 AKA 1,000 Cuts Nov 20, 2015
1:11 AKA I've Got the Blues Nov 20, 2015
1:12 AKA Take a Bloody Number Nov 20, 2015
1:13 AKA Smile Nov 20, 2015