A drunk Jones, having been asked by Hogarth to convince her wife to sign divorce papers, accosts Ross-Hogarth in a subway and almost kills her. Ross-Hogarth refuses to sign the papers. Ducasse helps Jones back to her apartment, where they find her neighbor Ruben, dead. Knowingly blaming Kilgrave, Jones devises a desperate plan: get herself imprisoned in a supermax prison so when Kilgrave inevitably comes for her, his abilities will be caught on camera. Walker and Simpson have their own plan, with Simpson following Kilgrave's security detail, though he does not tell Walker when he finds them at Jones's old house. Ducasse disposes of Ruben's body, though Jones finds him. Enacting her plan, Jones goes to a police station with Ruben's severed head and confesses to his murder. Her processing is interrupted when Kilgrave takes control of the station and declares his love for Jones, as she was the first person to resist him. He invites her "home", and Simpson later watches as Jones voluntarily enters the house with Kilgrave.

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Jessica Jones Season 1

# Title Air Date
Jessica Jones
1:1 AKA Ladies Night Nov 20, 2015
1:2 AKA Crush Syndrome Nov 20, 2015
1:3 AKA It's Called Whiskey Nov 20, 2015
1:4 AKA 99 Friends Nov 20, 2015
1:5 AKA The Sandwich Saved Me Nov 20, 2015
1:6 AKA You're a Winner! Nov 20, 2015
1:7 AKA Top Shelf Perverts Nov 20, 2015
1:8 AKA WWJD? Nov 20, 2015
1:9 AKA Sin Bin Nov 20, 2015
1:10 AKA 1,000 Cuts Nov 20, 2015
1:11 AKA I've Got the Blues Nov 20, 2015
1:12 AKA Take a Bloody Number Nov 20, 2015
1:13 AKA Smile Nov 20, 2015