Kilgrave uses his powers to win a poker game, and spends his winnings on Jones's childhood home. After paying a fellow inmate to beat her, Shlottman confesses to Jones that she is pregnant with Kilgrave's child and has been trying to miscarry. Jones gives her an abortion pill; Hogarth secretly takes the fetal remains. Cage hires Jones to help find the brother of someone who has evidence on the death of Cage's wife, Reva Connors. Connors had left Cage instructions to find a box she had hidden, but it was not there when he looked. Jones recalls Kilgrave having Connors lead them to the box, with Jones digging it up before killing Connors. Jones and Cage find the missing brother, and are given the file of the bus driver that accidentally hit Kilgrave (and who Cage believes hit Connors). Seeing that the driver had been drunk, Cage seeks revenge. Jones intervenes and confesses that Kilgrave forced her to kill Connors. Cage leaves, unable to forgive her for hiding the truth and instigating an intimate relationship with him.

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Jessica Jones Season 1

# Title Air Date
Jessica Jones
1:1 AKA Ladies Night Nov 20, 2015
1:2 AKA Crush Syndrome Nov 20, 2015
1:3 AKA It's Called Whiskey Nov 20, 2015
1:4 AKA 99 Friends Nov 20, 2015
1:5 AKA The Sandwich Saved Me Nov 20, 2015
1:6 AKA You're a Winner! Nov 20, 2015
1:7 AKA Top Shelf Perverts Nov 20, 2015
1:8 AKA WWJD? Nov 20, 2015
1:9 AKA Sin Bin Nov 20, 2015
1:10 AKA 1,000 Cuts Nov 20, 2015
1:11 AKA I've Got the Blues Nov 20, 2015
1:12 AKA Take a Bloody Number Nov 20, 2015
1:13 AKA Smile Nov 20, 2015