The Gerhardt clan is wiped out except for one survivor in prison, permanently ending their crime dynasty. Hanzee chases Ed and Peggy as Lou pursues Hanzee to end the madness. Hanzee shoots and wounds Ed as he and Peggy flee down an alley. The pair take shelter in a supermarket, hiding in the meat locker. While holed up inside, Ed confides to Peggy that he does not think they will make it as a couple, upsetting her. He then succumbs to blood loss, causing Peggy to mentally break down and hallucinate that Hanzee has lit the supermarket on fire in an attempt to smoke them out, similar to a scene from the Ronald Reagan film she was watching earlier while holding Dodd Gerhardt hostage. Hanzee, however, has fled. Lou, aided by Ben Schmit, arrives and subdues and arrests Peggy. While driving her back to Minnesota to be prosecuted, the two converse about life and death, with Peggy finally accepting her fate. At a park, Hanzee meets with a confidant who provides him a new identity, Moses Tripoli (the mob boss from Fargo in season 1 that Lorne Malvo killed). Hanzee states that he intends to have plastic surgery, maybe start his own crime empire, and seek revenge on those that wronged him. (The two boys playing catch in the park, one who is deaf, are younger depictions of Mr. Numbers and Mr. Wrench). Mike Milligan claims responsibility for wiping out the Gerhardt family, and his supervisors immediately promote him, only for him to discover that the higher-ups work menial administrative jobs. Meanwhile, Betsy has recuperated from the side-effects of the experimental cancer drug she was taking. When Lou returns home, he, Betsy, and a recovered Hank gather as a family. No one can explain the mysterious UFO seen at that shootout. Betsy then asks Hank about the strange symbols in his home office, and he explains he was attempting to create a universal pictorial language to promote better global cooperation and understanding. The three ponder what the future holds for each of them and for the family.

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

It shows these books...

It refers to these television series...

Gilligan's Island

This Television Series is referred to by Palindrome part of Fargo Season 2
"What am I, the Professor on Gilligan's Island?"
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It shows these movies...

Desperate Journey

  • Date:
  • Type: Movie
This Movie is shown on Palindrome part of Fargo Season 2
Peggy thinks about the film she saw in the cabin while Hanzee tries to smoke her out of the freezer.
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