Ed is arrested and taken to the police station to be interrogated while Hank questions Peggy at the Blumquist home. Hank mentions that Sonny, the garage mechanic who bought Peggy's car, has consented to having forensic specialists inspect the vehicle for blood traces. In Fargo, Floyd insists that "The Butcher" (Ed Blumquist) be executed, and Charlie retrieved from jail. Hours later, Dodd and accomplices arrive at the Blumquist home hunting Ed, while Bear simultaneously heads to the police station to fetch Charlie. Hanzee knocks out Hank, but Peggy subdues Dodd in her basement using his stun rod. When Ed demands a lawyer, Lou summons a drunken Karl Weathers, the only attorney in town, to the station. As Karl is leaving the station, Bear and his men arrive for Charlie. Knowing Ed would be shot on sight, Lou hatches a plan: Karl mediates with Bear, claiming that he is Charlie's lawyer and that Charlie, still a minor, will soon be released, which Karl claims is a better option than the Gerhardts' plan for bloodshed. Meanwhile, Lou sneaks Ed out a rear window, narrowly avoiding Hanzee. Bear and his men leave without incident. Hank, who has recovered enough to drive back to town, intercepts Lou and Ed, though Ed runs off, presumably back to Peggy. Ed is followed shortly after by Hanzee. Meanwhile, Simone calls Mike Milligan and reveals the Gerhardts' plan that Dodd and Bear departed for Luverne. Fed up with her father's abuse, she wants Mike to murder Dodd. Mike and his men arrive at the thinly protected farmhouse and open fire with Simone, Floyd, and Otto inside.

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

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Through the Looking-Glass
written by
part of Alice in Wonderland

This Book is referred to by Rhinoceros part of Fargo Season 2
The Jabberwocky poem from this book is quoted

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This Television Series is referred to by Rhinoceros part of Fargo Season 2
Simone asks Mike Milligan to tell her father to "Kiss my grits"
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This Television Series is referred to by Rhinoceros part of Fargo Season 2
When questioned by the police, Ed says that he's seen on Ironside that he needs a lawyer.
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The Rainmaker

  • Date:
  • Type: Movie

The Rainmaker
written by