As Otto Gerhardt is being taken to a doctor appointment, Simone has sex with Mike, inadvertently mentioning the doctor visit. The Kitchens then eliminate Otto's protectors in the parking lot outside the medical clinic, leaving Otto unharmed. Meanwhile, Floyd, Dodd, and Bear meet with Joe Bulo and propose a counter-offer to his buyout: a partnership. Bulo balks at the idea, after Dodd assaulted two of his men earlier. Bulo phones his superiors, who reject the Gerhardts' proposal and now offer two million dollars less than previously and demands the Gerhardts' complete surrender. In Luverne, Hanzee's investigation leads him to find Rye's belt buckle in the Blumquist fireplace. Lou talks to the Blumquists regarding his suspicions that they are involved in Rye's death, but they stubbornly refuse to cooperate. He warns them of the Gerhardts' violent history. At the Gerhardt farm, Floyd tells the family to prepare for war.

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

It shows these movies...

The Man from Planet X

This Movie is shown on Fear and Trembling part of Fargo Season 2
The film playing in the theater was supposed to be "Moonbase Freedom", but it actually showed clips from The Man From Planet X.
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It refers to these movies...

Moonbase Freedom

This Movie is referred to by Fear and Trembling part of Fargo Season 2
The (fictitious) Ronald Reagan film being played in the theater during a flashback
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It plays these songs...

Too Much Paranoias
performed by Devo

  • Date:
  • Type: Song
This Song is played in Fear and Trembling part of Fargo Season 2
This song plays as Dodd and Charlie are in the Donut shop, dealing with a few of the Kansas City men.

Other Connections and Related Pop Culture

Fargo Season 2

# Title Air Date
2:1 Waiting for Dutch Oct 12, 2015
2:2 Before the Law Oct 19, 2015
2:3 The Myth of Sisyphus Oct 26, 2015
2:4 Fear and Trembling Nov 2, 2015
2:5 The Gift of the Magi Nov 9, 2015
2:6 Rhinoceros Nov 16, 2015
2:7 Did you do this? No, you did it! Nov 23, 2015
2:8 Loplop Nov 30, 2015
2:9 The Castle Dec 7, 2015
2:10 Palindrome Dec 14, 2015