Matt as Daredevil arranges hospital treatment for the children who'd been hooked up to Nobu's blood extractor. Reyes brings Foggy & Matt to her office to get information on Castle that may keep her family alive. Foggy & Matt won't break attorney-client privilege, forcing Reyes to tell the whole story of the carousel massacre---a major drug deal gone awry as Blacksmith, its mastermind, failed to show when learning of the undercover cop, and tensions spilling into the gun fight that killed the cop and Castle's family. Reyes admits to covering the entire matter up for fear of career ruin---including threatening the medical examiner and approving Castle's do-not-resuscitate. Before she can divulge more details, a firestorm of bullets riddles the office. Reyes is killed and Foggy is injured. Matt learns Castle was taken to Fisk's cellblock and visits Fisk, a visit ending in a fight when Matt unsuccessfully blackmails Fisk into revealing his involvement by assuring he will never see Vanessa again. Karen learns the hard way that Castle may not have been involved in the attack on Reyes's office---a similar attack happens at her apartment while Castle himself visits and saves her. Elektra kills a charming assassin sent to kill her---by Stick. Matt on the hospital roof prepares to confront a horde of the Hand who might attack either Foggy or the recovering children.

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Daredevil Season 2

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2:12 The Dark at the End of the Tunnel Mar 18, 2016
2:13 A Cold Day in Hell's Kitchen Mar 18, 2016

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