J.D. tries to stop acting like a child while Turk tries to bring him back. Dr. Cox has an 11-year-old patient, Josh, with leukemia, and has to deal with the child's parents who want to keep the condition a secret from Josh. On Dr. Kelso's birthday, Elliot throws him a party, and finds out that Dr. Kelso is 65 years old. The hospital's board members find out about it and force him to retire. He asks for it to be kept a secret until they find a replacement.

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Scrubs Season 7

# Title Air Date
7:1 My Own Worst Enemy Oct 25, 2007
7:2 My Hard Labor Nov 1, 2007
7:3 My Inconvenient Truth Nov 8, 2007
7:4 My Identity Crisis Nov 15, 2007
7:5 My Growing Pains Nov 29, 2007
7:6 My Number One Doctor Dec 6, 2007
7:7 My Bad Too Apr 10, 2008
7:8 My Manhood Apr 17, 2008
7:10 My Dumb Luck Apr 24, 2008
7:11 My Waste of Time May 1, 2008
7:9 My Princess May 8, 2008

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