When Victoria Skillane (Lenora Crichlow) wakes up in a chair to find she can't recall anything about her life and a strange signal on her tv screen though she starts having flashbacks about her daughter Jemimah. There are very few people around and all of them are incommunicative, only recording her with their camera-phones. However, she is soon shot at by a man wearing a balaclava. He ignores the voyeurs while pursuing her. She meets a man and a woman who will talk to her. This man is soon killed by the shotgun man. The woman explains that the signal has made most people into voyeurs, some are unaffected and with a lack of law some of these hunt others for their own amusement. 
The woman and Victoria escape two more attackers, both oddly dressed and wearing masks, and are rescued by another man with a van. Victoria has flashbacks that this man has a safe area in the woods and he says she is right. He explains that the signal can't reach there. Once there he reveals himself as the shotgun man and takes the two women to a clearing filled with his earlier victims but he is shot dead by the unnamed woman. The two women escape in his van and the woman reveals her plan to destroy the White Bear television repeater station as other groups have destroyed other transmitters around Britain. Victoria says that White Bear is a bad place but she is taken there anyway. In the station the two attackers arrive and the woman is killed. Victoria takes her attacker's shotgun and shoots him but all that comes out is confetti. 
Victoria is over powered and strapped to a chair as the repeater station's internal walls swivel open to the applause of a studio audience. The shotgun man reveals himself as host, the other attackers and victims are actors and the voyeurs are audience members instructed not to talk. Victoria and her husband kidnapped and killed a girl called Jemimah. When Jemimah's white bear cuddly toy was found it became the symbol of the crime. Victoria recorded the murder on her camera-phone and claimed she was forced by her husband. Her husband committed suicide before trial, escaping justice according to public, and the White Bear Correction Facility was created where every day Victoria's memory is wiped and she goes through the same terrifying experience.

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Black Mirror Season 2

# Title Air Date
Black Mirror
2:1 Be Right Back Feb 11, 2013
2:2 White Bear Feb 18, 2013
2:3 The Waldo Moment Feb 25, 2013
2:4 White Christmas Dec 16, 2014

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