Catherine interviews a prostitute who has survived being attacked by Sean Balmforth, who is subsequently arrested and charged with the serial killings, whilst vulnerable young farmer Daryl Garrs is also taken in for hitting out at the thugs who stole his mother's sheep. Catherine is shocked when, on grandson Ryan's birthday, he receives a lavish present, purportedly from his father Royce, which allows Drummond to suggest to the boy that Royce is anxious for forgiveness. In fact, Royce wants a more direct revenge. As John's wife throws him out, Neil tells Clare that he once had an affair with Vicky Fleming and believes her murder is different from the others.

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Happy Valley Season 2

# Title Air Date
Happy Valley
2:1 Episode 1 Feb 9, 2016
2:2 Episode 2 Feb 16, 2016
2:3 Episode 3 Feb 23, 2016
2:4 Episode 4 Mar 1, 2016
2:5 Episode 5 Mar 8, 2016
2:6 Episode 6 Mar 15, 2016

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