Catherine reconciles with Clare, but her superiors see Catherine as vulnerable and offer her a choice: a medical retirement - which she rejects - or seeing a therapist. Vicky's body is discovered, but the murder of another prostitute allows John to suggest that both were the serial killer's victims. Meanwhile, his marriage further disintegrates. Catherine is shaken by the apparent suicide of one of Ilinka's slave-masters, though Ilinka sees it as murder. Meanwhile, deceived by Royce's lies, the obsessive, deluded Drummond grooms Ryan to desire a relationship with his father and plots to ruin Catherine.

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Happy Valley Season 2

# Title Air Date
Happy Valley
2:1 Episode 1 Feb 9, 2016
2:2 Episode 2 Feb 16, 2016
2:3 Episode 3 Feb 23, 2016
2:4 Episode 4 Mar 1, 2016
2:5 Episode 5 Mar 8, 2016
2:6 Episode 6 Mar 15, 2016

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