Whilst remaining a suspect in the Lynn Dewhurst investigation, Catherine focuses on the human trafficking case. After a successful raid she ensures all the women are taken to safe houses including Ilinka, who, despite initially fleeing in fear, is given refuge with Catherine's neighbour Winnie. With vital information on those behind the trafficking, Ilinka reluctantly speaks to the police. However, was Ilinka followed? And has Catherine inadvertently put Winnie in danger? Whilst Vicky continues to threaten John, he struggles to grasp hold of the murder case. Feeling pressured both at work and at home, he takes drastic measures in an attempt to save his marriage and reputation. With Tommy granted special leave to attend his mother's funeral, Catherine's inexplicable compulsion to attend brings her face to face with him once more. Meanwhile Clare, feeling vulnerable at Helen's funeral, turns to an old friend for comfort.

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Happy Valley Season 2

# Title Air Date
Happy Valley
2:1 Episode 1 Feb 9, 2016
2:2 Episode 2 Feb 16, 2016
2:3 Episode 3 Feb 23, 2016
2:4 Episode 4 Mar 1, 2016
2:5 Episode 5 Mar 8, 2016
2:6 Episode 6 Mar 15, 2016

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