Dev and Rachel attend a wedding and he thinks about their life together and realizes that if they get married, it might only be because it's the point in life in which society dictates they should settle down. Dev meets his dad for advice, who asks if he really wants to be an actor, and Dev is unsure. He, Rachel, his friends, and his parents then attend The Sickening's premiere. Dev's scenes were cut from the film, and Rachel drunkenly yells at the director. Dev shares with Rachel his concerns about their future and yells that if they're not 100% sure they'll be happy with each other forever, they shouldn't even try. She moves out, and a few days later informs Dev that she's moving to Tokyo, as she has always dreamed of this and must do it before it's too late. Dev meets up with Benjamin (who was also cut from the film), and both talk about their relationships. Benjamin says that even after being married for 23 years, he still isn't 100% sure it'll last forever - stating that "100% doesn't actually exist". After, Dev makes up his mind and also buys a plane ticket: to Italy, so that he can study at a culinary school.

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What Songs are featured in this Television Episode?

It plays...
I Can't Wait performed by Nu Shooz

I Can't Wait
performed by Nu Shooz

This Song is played in Finale part of Master of None Season 1
This song plays as Dev talks to his father about being indecisive.

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