When Arnold's grandpa dies a week after Dev and Arnold visited him, Dev reevaluates his relationship with his own grandparents and Rachel feels guilty for not visiting her own grandmother more often. Dev and Rachel visit her grandmother (Lynn Cohen), but Rachel is summoned to a work emergency and Dev stays with her grandma. The two get along and he sneaks her out of her retirement home to enjoy a fancy dinner, but she escapes when he isn't looking. He and Rachel search for her, and finally find her singing at a popular jazz club.

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Master of None Season 1

# Title Air Date
Master of None
1:1 Plan B Nov 6, 2015
1:2 Parents Nov 6, 2015
1:3 Hot Ticket Nov 6, 2015
1:4 Indians on TV Nov 6, 2015
1:5 The Other Man Nov 6, 2015
1:6 Nashville Nov 6, 2015
1:7 Ladies and Gentlemen Nov 6, 2015
1:8 Old People Nov 6, 2015
1:9 Mornings Nov 6, 2015
1:10 Finale Nov 6, 2015

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