While working on a commercial, Dev finds out that a colleague had been pursued by a man on her way home. When Dev tells Denise and Rachel about it, the women share similar experiences. Dev realizes he is privileged just by being male, and he identifies himself as a feminist. While hanging with the cast of his commercial one night, he discusses with the director that all the women in the commercial are just there for eye candy. The director revises the commercial so that all the main speaking roles are given to the women, and Dev is fired for not fitting into his role. Although he is disappointed, the women are thankful that he stood up for them.

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Master of None Season 1

# Title Air Date
Master of None
1:1 Plan B Nov 6, 2015
1:2 Parents Nov 6, 2015
1:3 Hot Ticket Nov 6, 2015
1:4 Indians on TV Nov 6, 2015
1:5 The Other Man Nov 6, 2015
1:6 Nashville Nov 6, 2015
1:7 Ladies and Gentlemen Nov 6, 2015
1:8 Old People Nov 6, 2015
1:9 Mornings Nov 6, 2015
1:10 Finale Nov 6, 2015

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