Rachel texts Dev that she and her boyfriend have broken up, and to make their first date memorable, he boldly asks her if she would like to go to Nashville for a day with him. She agrees, as long as she would get home in time for her niece's recital on Sunday night. The two have an outstanding time, but he takes a detour on their way to the airport and they miss their flight. But she still likes him and they keep dating.

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Master of None Season 1

# Title Air Date
Master of None
1:1 Plan B Nov 6, 2015
1:2 Parents Nov 6, 2015
1:3 Hot Ticket Nov 6, 2015
1:4 Indians on TV Nov 6, 2015
1:5 The Other Man Nov 6, 2015
1:6 Nashville Nov 6, 2015
1:7 Ladies and Gentlemen Nov 6, 2015
1:8 Old People Nov 6, 2015
1:9 Mornings Nov 6, 2015
1:10 Finale Nov 6, 2015

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