On her way to marry the crown prince of Sweden, princess Louise of Mantua, the king's cousin, is attacked by would-be kidnappers who are killed by the musketeers. The attackers were paid in Spanish gold but Rochefort has had a hand in the operation. Louise is brought to Paris for her own safety but another attempt is made on her life and the musketeers link the weaponry used to Rochefort.

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The Musketeers Season 2

# Title Air Date
The Musketeers
2:1 Keep Your Friends Close Jan 17, 2015
2:2 An Ordinary Man Jan 24, 2015
2:3 The Good Traitor Jan 31, 2015
2:4 Emilie Feb 7, 2015
2:5 The Return Feb 14, 2015
2:6 Through a Glass Darkly Feb 21, 2015
2:7 A Marriage of Inconvenience Feb 28, 2015
2:8 The Prodigal Father Mar 7, 2015
2:9 The Accused Mar 14, 2015
2:10 Trial and Punishment Mar 21, 2015

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