Tommy plans the arms robbery but Polly is troubled to think that he is about to kill Father Hughes and confesses to a priest. Meanwhile the Shelby women feel used and threaten to go on strike unless they are kept in the loop about events and given a cut of profits. Tommy enjoys sex with Tatiana, who shows her dangerous side, though he voices his suspicions to her regarding Hughes. However, thanks to Polly's confession he is arrested for plotting to kill him, beaten up and forced into an arrangement, giving him little choice but to betray the Russians to save his family.

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Peaky Blinders Season 3

# Title Air Date
Peaky Blinders
3:1 Episode 1 May 5, 2016
3:2 Episode 2 May 12, 2016
3:3 Episode 3 May 19, 2016
3:4 Episode 4 May 26, 2016
3:5 Episode 5 Jun 2, 2016
3:6 Episode 6 Jun 9, 2016

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