The Year is 1924. Tommy Shelby has finally set to marry; to none other than Grace Burgess. The wedding goes off without a hitch; but Tommy warns his gang not to invoke any fighting during the reception party, which is being held at a stately home in Liverpool - and which Grace's relatives will be attending. Meanwhile, Tommy is angered to discover that a Russian oligarch, with whom he had been brokering a deal on behalf of Winston Churchill, has gatecrashed his party intending to get the ball rolling. Having agreed to steal arms and munitions to sell to the Russian Army, Tommy is told that a courier carrying the $10,000 he has been paid for the deal will be arriving later that night. However, Tommy is concerned when the oligarch fails to use the correct code name for the operation, and on the orders of Churchill, who said 'anyone who uses the wrong code name is a traitor', asks Arthur to execute him. Tommy meets with the courier and collects the money; and Arthur executes the oligarch, while out in the grounds of the wedding reception, Tommy and Grace's relatives have finally come to blows. The oligarch's body is burnt to ashes and his bones and rings buried. Back in Birmingham, Tommy pockets the money from the courier and confirms with Polly that the robbery is going to go ahead.

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Peaky Blinders Season 3

# Title Air Date
Peaky Blinders
3:1 Episode 1 May 5, 2016
3:2 Episode 2 May 12, 2016
3:3 Episode 3 May 19, 2016
3:4 Episode 4 May 26, 2016
3:5 Episode 5 Jun 2, 2016
3:6 Episode 6 Jun 9, 2016

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