Piper's plan to edge out the competition could backfire badly. Cindy finds a way to make Taystee's job pay off. Luschek gets some interesting mail.

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A Streetcar Named Desire

A Streetcar Named Desire

This Movie is referred to by Piece of Sh*t
Nicky tells Lorna, in the bathroom, that she was practicing her best 'Streetcar Named Desire' impression.

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Orange is the New Black Season 4

# Title Air Date
Orange is the New Black
4:1 Work That Body For Me Jun 17, 2016
4:2 Power Suit Jun 17, 2016
4:3 (Don't) Say Anything Jun 17, 2016
4:4 Doctor Psycho Jun 17, 2016
4:5 We'll Always Have Baltimore Jun 17, 2016
4:6 Piece of Sh*t Jun 17, 2016
4:7 It Sounded Nicer in My Head Jun 17, 2016
4:8 Friends In Low Places Jun 17, 2016
4:9 Turn Table Turn Jun 17, 2016
4:10 Bunny, Skull, Bunny, Skull Jun 17, 2016
4:11 People Persons Jun 17, 2016
4:12 The Animals Jun 17, 2016
4:13 Toast Can't Never Be Bread Again Jun 17, 2016

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