Jimmy finds it difficult adjusting to his new job at D&M, and is unable to sleep in his apartment, only finding comfort when he returns to his old boiler room office. Kim, with Chuck's help, is reinstated to her old position, but she is treated coldly by Howard who gives her the most humiliating and menial assignments, such as sending her to try and argue unwinnable motions at court. Kim is then approached by Rich Schweikart of Schweikart & Cokely, who tells her that he was impressed with Kim's performance and offers to hire her into S&C with better benefits. Unsure of what to do, Kim relieves her stress by running another con with Jimmy, fooling an investor into giving them $10,000. Kim tells Jimmy about her doubts over whether to move to S&C or not, and expresses jealousy at how Jimmy always seems to know what he wants. Jimmy lies to Kim about how working at D&M is everything he had always wanted in order to keep her from quitting the law. Meanwhile, Mike refuses Hector's deal, but is constantly harassed by Hector's goons, including Leonel and Marco Salamanca. After Stacey and Kaylee are implicitly and explicitly threatened, Mike finally agrees to Hector's deal, but manages to raise his price to $50,000. He then returns half of the money to Nacho, having failed to uphold his part of their earlier deal.

Pop Culture Connections - Outgoing

What Songs are featured in this Television Episode?

It plays...
The Star-Spangled Banner composed by John Stafford Smith; written by Francis Scott Key

The Star-Spangled Banner
composed by John Stafford Smith; written by

This Song is played in Bali Ha'i
Saul sees this on the TV late at night

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