In the past, Jimmy visits Chuck's house shortly after moving to Albuquerque, where he also meets Chuck's wife, Rebecca (Ann Cusack). Jimmy manages to charm Rebecca with his charisma, which makes Chuck uncomfortable. In the present, Jimmy meets with Kim in the HHM document room and proposes that she sue HHM. Kim rejects the plan, pointing out how that is career suicide and tells Jimmy to worry about his own job while she worries about hers. Throughout his day, Jimmy is accompanied by fellow associate Erin (Jessie Ennis), who claims to want to help Jimmy fit into D&M better, though Jimmy suspects she has been ordered by Cliff to keep an eye on him. Meanwhile, Kim tries securing a new client to impress HHM enough to reinstate her old position. When she does find a new client, Howard decides to keep her on document review. Chuck then meets with Kim, and tells her a story about how years ago, Jimmy had secretly embezzled money from their father's business, which led to its eventual collapse. Chuck then promises to try to get Kim reinstated. Meanwhile, Mike is approached by Tuco's uncle, Hector Salamanca, who asks Mike to claim Tuco's gun was his in order to reduce Tuco's jail sentence, and offers him $5,000.

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Better Call Saul Season 2

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