Abbie set fire to the remaining crops outside the fence, and attack C.J.'s team. Theresa is critically injured. Jason and his soldiers arrive to rescue as many humans as they can and get them to safety. Xander and a small team aid in the rescue, after Rebecca helps them steal weapons from the mountain facility. Several people need treatment at the hospital, forcing Theo to set up a hasty triage. 35 humans are killed in the attack, and Jason's lead soldier Mario says their fighting force now numbers fewer than 20. Hassler visits Theresa, who is on life support, and a flashback shows him regretting his decision to let Pilcher abduct Ethan. Theresa flatlines soon after. C.J. says the previously harvested food will only last about six weeks. Theo notes that certain drugs and medical supplies are also running dangerously low, and Megan explains that Pilcher was not anticipating a war when he made the initial provisions. Megan also conducts an MRI on the female Abbie, and Theo observes that the reasoning center in the Abbie's brain is twice the size of a typical human. Hassler learns that there is a female Abbie in captivity, and asks Theo if she had a distinctive mark on her palm, which she does.

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Wayward Pines Season 2

# Title Air Date
Wayward Pines
2:1 Enemy Lines May 25, 2016
2:2 Blood Harvest Jun 1, 2016
2:3 Once Upon a Time in Wayward Pines Jun 8, 2016
2:4 Exit Strategy Jun 15, 2016
2:5 Sound the Alarm Jun 22, 2016
2:6 City Upon a Hill Jun 29, 2016
2:7 Time Will Tell Jul 6, 2016
2:8 Pass Judgment Jul 13, 2016
2:9 Walcott Prep Jul 20, 2016
2:10 Bedtime Story Jul 27, 2016