Pam Pilcher narrates the story of Jason's birth - the first live birth in Wayward Pines - and how he was treated as a special person growing up. In the present day, Jason, C.J. and a team make plans to expand Wayward Pines beyond its current size, citing the need for fertile growing land and potable water. It is then revealed that Jason had confined Pam to a house on the outskirts of the town for killing her brother, but she shows up in Jason's office and convinces him they need to work together for the good of all Wayward Pines residents. Jason publicly forgives Pam, but she soon hatches a plan to infect the town with smallpox virus. Pam calls Wayward Pines a "mistake", and insists that Jason just let the last of humanity die off peacefully. Pam is caught and contained while the virus inside her is still in the incubation period. Meanwhile, Pam had told Theo that he wasn't the only reason she and Pope were in Hawaii over 2000 years ago. Theo confronts Rebecca, suggesting she is one of Pilcher's original volunteers. At the Academy, Megan instructs young teens on how to get pregnant, presumably soon after they start menstruating. Following Pam's misdeeds, Jason takes her into the woods and strangles her to death.

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Wayward Pines Season 2

# Title Air Date
Wayward Pines
2:1 Enemy Lines May 25, 2016
2:2 Blood Harvest Jun 1, 2016
2:3 Once Upon a Time in Wayward Pines Jun 8, 2016
2:4 Exit Strategy Jun 15, 2016
2:5 Sound the Alarm Jun 22, 2016
2:6 City Upon a Hill Jun 29, 2016
2:7 Time Will Tell Jul 6, 2016
2:8 Pass Judgment Jul 13, 2016
2:9 Walcott Prep Jul 20, 2016
2:10 Bedtime Story Jul 27, 2016

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