Erlich and Big Head's venture firm, Bachmanity is unable to pay its debtors following its million dollar luau. While bankruptcy looms over their partnership, Pied Piper anticipates an early launch following good rapport from their selective beta launch. One of the selected early users of the beta is revealed to be a Hooli spy after Gilfoyle reveals adding a God view to the beta app allowing them access to users IP to their pinpoint geographic location. Erlich and Big Head discover that Big Head's former business manager has misappropriated $6 million which is needed to pay the million-dollar Alcatraz party bills. Erlich and Big Head threaten legal action via consultation with a district attorney, but Bachmanity's cause is a low priority for the justice department. Erlich ultimately is able to pay the Alcatraz party bills by selling some of his Pied Piper shares to Laurie. At Hooli, Gavin gets paranoid after learning Pied Piper has discovered the illegally downloaded beta app and shuts down the power to Hooli. The principal (recently re-hired) developers of Nucleus resign, leaving the Hooli rebuild of Nucleus in a hiatus state. Erlich has a private meeting with Laurie about his shares in Pied Piper. Gilfoyle decommissions "Anton" his server while getting flak from Dinesh about his best friend being a piece of hardware. Erlich gets a call about his debts being erased while Richard and team count the seconds down to the official public launch of the Pied Piper platform.

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Silicon Valley Season 3

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Silicon Valley
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3:7 To Build a Better Beta Jun 5, 2016
3:8 Bachman's Earning's Over-Ride Jun 12, 2016
3:9 Daily Active Users Jun 19, 2016
3:10 The Uptick Jun 26, 2016

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